Lemonde was opened in Beysupark Shopping Center in 2018 and started to serve as a restaurant & cafe. Our aim is to provide you with the best experience by offering healthy meals, delicious desserts and quality coffees.

Lemonde offers its guests an unforgettable experience with its unique flavors.

Where every flavor
tells a story.

Get ready to meet the unique flavors of Lemonde cuisine.
Lemonde, 2018 yılında Beysupark AVM'de açılmış ve restoran & kafe olarak hizmet vermeye başlamıştır. Kuruluş amacımız sağlıklı yemekler, lezzetli tatlılar ve kaliteli kahveler sunarak sizlere en iyi deneyimi yaşatmaktır.

Lemonde, kendine özgü lezzetleriyle misafirlerine unutulmaz bir deneyim yaşatmaktadır.

Homemade Delicacies !


Fit & Healthy

about us
Lemonde kitchen offers a combination of taste and healthy nutrition. Our priority is to offer our customers not only delicious food, but also healthy food, which is why we carefully calculate the calories and protein content of our dishes.

By offering a healthy menu, we want to satisfy you with every meal.All vegetables and fruits used in our meals and desserts are natural and unadulterated.

Our natural fruit juices, which we prepare by hand, are made with organic and natural ingredients. We also produce our own bread.
The tranquility sought was found in Lemonde's cozy atmosphere.

Get ready to meet the unique flavors of Lemonde cuisine.

You are invited to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones in the cozy and warm atmosphere of Lemonde.

In this environment where you will feel at home, you can enjoy our dishes, savor our desserts and sip the best coffees.

A table where the conversation and snacks never end
You are invited to come to lemonde with our furry friends!
You can bring your cute friends with you with peace of mind. We look forward to the moments you will spend with them at Lemonde.

All of the proceeds from the dog menu in our menu are donated to stray animals.🐾

Şarap Günü

Her çarşamba, şefimizin özel seçimleriyle birlikte muhteşem bir şarap deneyimine davetlisiniz!


Sniff & Sip!

Her hafta farklı şarap çeşitleri.
Özenle hazırlanmış eşlikçiler.
Arkadaşlarınızla keyifli sohbetler.
Samimi ve sıcak kafe ortamı.

We use the best coffee equipment for coffee lovers.

Our expert baristas are trained to prepare a variety of coffees to suit the tastes of every coffee lover, offering you the highest quality in coffee experience.

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